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Now doing the right thing by the environment means convenience, not compromise!

Make the transition to zero waste sustainable period products and never look back! 

Save money, time, less hassle and so easy to use.  Good for your pocket, your health and the environment!

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Rethink your period

As we become more aware of our individual impact on the planet, we start to rethink the choices we make. Disposable sanitary products play a huge role in the global waste problem. 

Environmenstrual provides you with sustainable options for managing your period, by:

- saving tons of disposable waste from landfill;

- ruling out use of pesticides and chemicals, through our use of organic fabrics

- using vegan materials (no animal products like wool).

Environmenstrual is fashionable, high tech and sustainable and works for period, pee and perspiration. Choose underwear to suit your flow and size (from petite tween underwear to size 24). 

Our unique undies hold up to 4 tampons' worth and are made of breathable, quick drying technology.

Don't forget to check out our Lotus Menstrual Cup and our organic charcoal bamboo modern cloth pads and liners.

Say hello to freedom, ditch the disposables and go with your flow with Environmenstrual Co.

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What our customers are saying..

Lovely and soft. So comfortable! Really happy with this purchase. Appreciate that the protection comes right up the back for nighttime or lounging on the sofa.  I'm a size 8-10 and these fit true to size. 😊 Hester Lace Organic Bamboo Bundle - 3 Pack  

Comfy Very comfy and absorb very well.  Rosemarie Curvy Comfy Cotton Bundle - 3 & 5 pack Heavy Flow

Very excited for my daughter Very excited for my daughter now to join a more environmentally sustainable way to women's things😊 Wendy. Ultimate Sustainable Period Starter Pack (3 Undies, 2 cloth pads, menstrual cup & wet bag)

Great Underwear. I have found that since using this underwear, I have more confidence and feel more secure during my period. I find the underwear very comfortable and am very glad that I made the purchase. Would highly recommend this product. Elloise.  Lotus Menstrual Cup and Period Underwear Starter Pack.

Love the pink undies, i Love the pink undies, i also have the black one's too. I will continue to buy them. So comfy, i never worry about leakage with these undies. Cassie. Lace Organic Bamboo Bundle - 3 Pack

Fantastic product. So very glad Fantastic product. So very glad I purchased them. Karen  5 Charcoal Bamboo Regular Cloth Pads and wet bag