Organic Cotton Briefs

Environmenstrual Period & Pee Proof Underwear is fashionable, high tech and sustainable. Our research has found that Organic Cotton is the most sustainable textile option for period underwear.  From how it is grown and how it leaves the land upon which it was grown to its lifecycle as a finished product (more durable and longer lasting). You have a few options for how you can buy:
  • Try a pair for 40 days and see if they meet the performance claims.  Our heavy absorbency underwear holds 20 ml or 4 tampons, our Super absorbency underwear holds 60 ml or 6-7 tampons! That's the most absorbent on the market!
  • We have put together 3, 5 & 7 pack Saver Bundles for you to take advantage of savings and try a mix of styles. Every bundle receives a free gift (wet bag or wash bag).
  • Our Starter packs include a range of products for you to try, including heavy absorbency underwear, a Lotus menstrual cup and cloth panty liners. 
  • Select your own bundle of 3, with your choice of 3 single pairs of underwear (organic cotton, youth, bamboo), where you buy 2 pairs & get one free! The lowest cost item will be your free item. No other discount codes can be teamed with this deal, but the free product once added, will be applied automatically as free in your shopping cart.  (note this discount does not apply to multiples of three- eg. buy 4 get 2, if you would like more, you'll need to do a separate complication).
10% off with code GIRLPWR10 (excludes Buy 2 Get 1 offer).