Mini Sustainable Period Starter Pack (1 pr heavy undies, 2 panty liners & menstrual cup)

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This mini pack allows you to get started on your zero waste period journey.  To trial out all the different reusable products and see what works best for you.

Pack Contents

  • 1 x Pair Heavy absorbency Period Underwear (Choose your style and size from Lace Brief (sz8-22) or Hipster bikini (sz 6-10) or Youth / Girls size 8-14) 
  • 2 x 18 x 18 cm organic charcoal bamboo modern cloth panty liners
  • 1 x Lotus menstrual cup (size small with youth underwear and size large with women's sizing - you can add a note to request a different size).
Total package valued at $80 on special, and we're offering it to you for $49 for buying in a bundle. 


The lotus menstrual cup is made from pharmaceutical grade silicone and is available in size small or large (we send you large by default).  Valued at $59.
All underwear have 4 layer protection made with organic cotton that absorbs approx 20 ml or 4 tampons of fluid.