Orga-Knix Youth Super Brief - Overnight 60ml

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Orga-Knix TM Youth Super Brief - Overnight 60ml


Your sleep / heavy flow brief

Craving comfort? Want all day or all night protection?

Then our Orga-Knix TM Youth Super brief, crafted from ultra-soft body hugging organic cotton fabric, will quickly become your nightly essential during your period.
With flat waist and leg elastics, our boyleg brief cut offers a below-the-navel fit, low leg line and ample coverage without compromising on style. Perfect for sleep due to its full coverage and extra absorbency.   The Super Brief absorbs 40ml or 5-6 tampons/teaspoons!)

So that means these are suitable for heavy menstrual flows and you can safely wear them all day at work or school or overnight.

This style features 5 layers - quick dry cotton against the skin, two highly absorbent layers, leakproof layer and organic cotton underwear to hold it all together. 


- Quick Drying
- Absorbent - 60ml
- Leakproof with reinforced seams
- Stain proof and odour proof with maximum breathability.
- Organic Cotton - produced without pesticides - healthy
- Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam.

Size Guide                          Waist                  Hip

Youth 10-12                          62-64                78-84     

Youth 12-14                          64-66                84-90

Youth 14-16                          68-70                90-96

Disclaimer: Not suitable for bed wetting or full bladder release/ incontinence. 

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