About us

Sustainable, healthy period management products that work for you.

Our story

Environmenstrual is an Australian small business that has become a go-to-store for all your zero waste and sustainable period management products, including period proof or menstrual underwear, menstrual cups, modern cloth pads and panty liners and more. 

We developed the Environmenstrual range because we wanted to bring our customers a vegan alternative (no animal products like sheeps wool), and with organic materials like cotton and bamboo all at an affordable price. 
Our customers love the comfort of our underwear and pads and keep returning for more.  We offer light to heavy absorbency underwear, our light absorbency underwear have been factory made to our specifications, and we handmake our the additional absorbency liners for our heavy absorbency underwear.
Menstrual underwear and cups can be used in combination or alone, so that you can transition away from using pads and tampons, which create a massive amount of landfill every year. #zerowaste is the way of the future girls, get ready for it.

We stock our period proof products locally on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and shipping only takes less than a week.

Hope to hear from you soon x