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About us

Our story

Environmenstrual is an Australian small business that has become a go-to-store for all your zero waste and sustainable period management products, including period proof or menstrual underwear, menstrual cups, modern cloth pads, panty liners and more. 

It all started when our founder, Danielle, took maternity leave from her role as a local government town planner and wanted to do something for a little extra income and to use the time off from her day job to make something with her hands in her spare time (although, she admits, finding time whilst looking after babies can be challenging).

Danielle's mother was a seamstress, and was also a little eccentric, so she had grown up watching her mum making some fabulous creations. Her mum was delighted when she finally started taking up the sewing machine and doing some grounding work, creating reusable pads and panty liners.  Danielle was combining her love of art and creating things with her love for the environment and sustainability and wanting to make a positive change in the world.

Since those early days, Environmenstrual has evolved to now offer a line of period underwear and our own signature designed Lotus cups.  From humble beginnings, we are slowly growing and hope to deliver another option to the Australian market for reusable period support products.  

Danielle has chosen bamboo underwear for her current range, and is currently developing a line of organic cotton underwear which will be released very soon.  Both bamboo and organic cotton have their environmental and health advantages over synthetic and non organic fabrics and that is really important to us.  We also sought to ensure that the entire range is vegan, rather than just a select line, as reducing cruelty to animals is also a mission of ours.

We have worked tirelessly through trial and error and hours of fabric technology research and testing, to develop our 4 layer technology for ultimate performance menstrual underwear that is breathable, highly absorbent, antimicrobial and moisture wicking.

We stock our period proof products locally on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, so delivery can be arranged in less than a week, as long as stock is produced and available.  

Hope we can help you soon x