12 Pack Cloth Pad Bundle + Wetbag

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This bundle is designed to service your whole period.  

It includes:


  • 3 x Overnight Heavy Flow Cloth Pads
  • 5 x Medium size Cloth Pads for day use or moderate flows
  • 5 x Small size panty liners
  • Bonus wetbag that will hold 2-3 folded pads - good for popping in your used pads if you are changing through the day.



  • Prints in the Heavy flow are sent at random, but will be from the prints shown in the images.
  • Prints for the Medium sized pads and small panty liners are black lace print.
  • Bonus wetbag is also black lace print.



  • Charcoal Bamboo outer
  • Microfibre and bamboo inners (more layers for heavy flow / overnight pads)
  • PUL/Minky outer.


Heavy flow pads : 18*33 cm

Medium pads: 18 *25 cm


Panty liners: 20.5 * 8.5 cm
Mini Wet Bag : 18*14 cm