5 PCS Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Pads / bonus wet bag

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5 PCS Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Pads with BONUS Wet Bag



If you need protection through the day or a backup at night, with the super absorbency from natural charcoal bamboo, then these cloth pads are for you.


  • Eco friendly, zero waste compatible, our pads are easily washable (just rinse in cold water, then pop in your regular wash), reusable and a great alternative to single use disposable sanitary products.
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin, with microfleece topper against the skin for maximum comfort. 
  • Avoid disposable pads and tampons, which can include synthetic fibres like Rayon. These can cause all sorts of health issues, including painful cramps, rashes and infections. If you a are sensitive to these products and suffer from cramping as a result, using a natural pad like our Charcoal Bamboo pads will see you through your monthly in comfort.
  • Available in a five pack bundle with a bonus wet bag.
  • Made of two layers of microfleece topper, a charcoal bamboo fleece inner and a waterproof coated leakproof lining, providing absorbency of approx. 50 ml.
  • Made with wings that fold around your underwear and snap underneath to stay in place.



Size: 10 x 25 cm long

Absorbency: 50-75 ml

Inner: Charcoal bamboo

Outer: PUL/Cotton

Lining: 2 layers microfiber


Care Instructions:


Made from natural, absorbent Bamboo fabric. Washable and reusable. Simply rinse with cold water and then pop in the wash for next time.