6 x Hipster Bikini (Organic Cotton/ Heavy Absorbency ) + Free Wash bag

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Your Cheeky Bikini Cut for every day wear

Save 30% buying this handy Cycle Pack of 6 and also receive a bonus wash bag.

Perfect for all day wear, but these are not just your average undies, they'll cover you exclusively during your period (absorb up to 20ml of fluid) or for light bladder leaks, or you can use them with a backup for extended wear.  They're a cute cheeky cut with lace trims and full coverage from the public bone to the back waist seam.

   The Environmenstrual Hipster Lace Bikini absorbs up to 20ml or 4 tampons/teaspoons!)

This style features 4 layers - quick dry cotton against the skin, a thin but absorbent layer, leakproof layer and organic cotton underwear base to hold it all together.

- Quick Drying

-Absorbent - 20 ml

-Leakproof with reinforced seams

-Stain proof and odour proof with maximum breathability.

- Organic Cotton - produced without pesticides - healthy

-Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam.

Our underwear is fair trade, so you know you’re not enabling sweatshop production. But we still aim to make these affordable for you. 

More than 25 percent of the world’s pesticides are used in conventional cotton production. Organic cotton is grown without toxic, synthetic chemical inputs. 

Care instructions

Fit and Size

Fits True to size.

6 61 83-86
8 66 87-91
10 71 92-96
12 76 97-101
14 81 102-106


Youth size
12-14 61-67
14-16 68-74