Ultimate Cycle Saver Bundle - 7 pack (3 Super, 4 heavy) + wash bag

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Ultimate Cycle Saver Bundle - Mixed Styles

7 Pack - Organic cotton

This handy pack is designed to see you through your cycle/ week, with 3 Super briefs (overnight absorbency-40-60ml) and 4 hipster briefs (heavy absorbency -15-20ml).  

For the hipster briefs - Choose from Hipster Bikini cut (size 6-10) or Hipster Lace Briefs (size 8-22).

    Every Ultimate cycle set of 7 pairs comes with a bonus wash bag.

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    The Environmenstrual Super Brief absorbs up to 60ml! That's the most absorbent on the market!   It's perfect for sleep due to its full coverage gusset all the way to the back waist seam and ultra comfort fit, also suitable for heavy flow days, moderate incontinence and any situation where you need that super protection.

    The Environmenstrual Hipster Lace Bikini and Hipster Lace Briefs absorb up to 20 ml, which is also heavy absorbency and they have a full gusset also good for night or day protection.  We have included 4 pairs designed for your day wearing. You may need to wash once or twice during your cycle, but it depends on your individual needs. 

    Our underwear is fair trade, so you know you’re not enabling sweatshop production. But we still aim to make these affordable for you. 

    This pack includes:

    • 7 x heavy absorbency underwear in your chosen size (3 Super briefs and 4 hipster briefs or bikini briefs).
    • 1 x 30 x 40 cm mesh wash bag for washing your intimates in your washing machine. 

      Size and Cut:

    Size 6-22(AU/UK), Waist 66-110/ Hips 85-135. 

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