Cycle Saver Bundle - 4 pack + Gift

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Cycle Saver Bundle

4 Pairs of Period Proof underwear & Free Gift

What you get:

A mix of 4 pairs of our Orga-Knix and Silk Luxe Period Proof underwear (organic cotton and luxuriant satin finish briefs ranging from moderate to overnight absorbency) and at present we are giving you two handmade interlabial pads, which are great for extra absorbtion and protection.

Available in Sizes 6-24, but with slight variations on the underwear included, according to size:-

  • Size 6 packs include 2 x Orga-Knix Super Brief, 2 x Silk Luxe Bikini 
  • Size 8 packs include 2 x Orga-Knix Super Brief, 1 Silk Luxe Bikini and 1 Orga-Knix Lace Brief Heavy
  • Sizes 10, 12 and 14 packs include 1 of each - 1 x Orga-Knix Super Briefs, 1 x Silk Luxe Bikini, 1 x Orga-Knix Lace Brief, 1 x Silk Luxe Lace Brief - Mod
  • Sizes 16-24 include 2 x Orga-Knix Super Briefs, 2 x Orga-Knix Lace Brief.

Product Details

Orga-Knix Super Briefs - our organic cotton mid-rise boyleg brief with absorbency for 40-60 ml or 5-6 tampons! It's perfect for sleep due to its full coverage and extra absorbency.  Also for very heavy menstrual flows, moderate bladder leaks, overnights, new mums and any situation where you may need reliable protection. 5 layer protection.

    Silk Luxe Classic Bikini briefs - Super smooth to the touch. Heavy absorbency - 20-25 ml. Fully lined inner and quick dry gusset.

      Orga-Knix Lace Briefs - absorb up to 30 ml of fluid or 3-4 tampons.  Suitable for heavy days, overnights on moderate days and whenever you need protection and backup. Also feature full gusset protection to the back waist seam. 4 layer protection.

        Silk Luxe Lace Briefs - super silky outer and fully lined inner with moderate absorbency gusset (15-20 ml) for moderate days.

          2 x interlabial pads for wearing with your underwear or alone on light days. 

            Feel free to request a change if you would like a different mix (subject to availability).

            Free Postage and take a further 10% off with code FRESHSTART


            Our underwear is:

            - Quick Drying

            - Absorbent - 20-60 ml

            - Leakproof with reinforced seams

            - Stain proof and odour proof with maximum breathability.

            - GOTS certified Organic Cotton - produced without pesticides - healthy

            - Standard 100 OEKO-TEX tested for harmful substances and chemicals

            - Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam.

            - Fair trade, vegan, organic. fashionable and sustainable.


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