Menstrual Period Pain Relief Heat Patch - Chinese Herbal Remedy - 3 treatments

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These self heating herbal patches bring instant relief for menstrual cramps. Place a patch on your abdomen over the Guanyuan, Qihai, Shenque acupressure points for warming relief from menstrual pain. 

A herbal remedy, based on cinnamon,aconite, cassia twig, corydalis tuber, cyperirhizome, cumin, evodia fruit, dry ginger, motherwort, angelica root, chuanxiong rhizome, typha, safflower, lindera root, flavescent sophora root, cyathula root, boswellin, myrrha, clove, dragon's blood, boneol, laurocapram, beeswax, white vaseline,propylene glycol and zincoxide, for its application in pain relief, the active part of the patch is 10 x 8 cm with two adhesive tabs on the side. It stays effective for 5-8 hours. Leave two days between treatments. 

Pack of 3 patches. 

About 30 seconds after I put the patch on, I could feel it warming my abdomen and relieving my cramp straight away!” Gabby.

1.  plant extracts 
2. Improve womens health and menstrual symptoms, gently warms abdomen.
3. Activate blood and relieve menstrual and abdominal pain relief.
4. Ultra thin, lightweight and washable, convenient to use anytime, anywhere.
6. Can be stuck directly on the skin.

[Usage and dosage]: When using the product, deploy the protective wings, strip off release paper, align ointment and acupoints, and stick the two wings on skin (as shown in the figure). DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANCY, OR HAVE SKIN ULCER OR SKIN ALLERGY. [Precautions]: The product is only for external use rather than oral use. The product is non toxic and anti inflammatory. The product will be heated once the outer sticker is stripped off, so do not open the packet or remove the stickers if you don't intend to use it. To prevent getting too hot or skin irritation, if you feel too hot, re-stick the temperature control sticker to the center of the front side.
2. Patients with skin ulcer, or skin allergy.