Tangerine Cotton Period Underwear for Youth/ Girls- Leakproof

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  • Cotton stylish underwear that look and feel like your favourite underwear, but with the technology that allows them to be breathable, yet waterproof. Most sanitary pads, cups and tampons alone cannot cope with collecting your flow, but with these worry free period panties, your young one will be reassured of carefree nights and days, at school and school outings at work, wherever and whenever extra backup and protection is required. 
    • These period proof briefs help to give complete protection against staining your clothes and sheets during your menstrual period. 
    • Choose any sleeping position without worrying about leaking through, with protection from the pubic bone to the back waist seam.
    • Available in light leakproof- which is ideal for light leaks or days on their own or for use with a cup or pad as a backup method.
    • Available for youth sizes 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14.



    • The underwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, with a breathable and leakproof EcoPUL lining, they are breathable, stretchy and soft and easy to wash. 

    40 Day Returns - Try one pair for 40 Days and if you're not satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, we will exchange or refund. One pair only - not applicable to bundles.




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