Youth Hipster Bikini Organic Cotton - Moderate 10-15 ml Absorbency

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 Your Comfy Bikini Cut for every day wear

Perfect for every day wear, but these are not just your average undies.  They're also a super cute, with delicate lace trims and protection against leaks up to 15ml or 3 teaspoons.

This style features 4 layers - quick dry cotton against the skin, a thin but highly absorbent layer, leakproof layer and organic cotton underwear to hold it all together.



- Quick Drying


- Absorbent - 20 ml


- Leakproof with reinforced seams


- Stain proof and odour proof with maximum breathability.


- Organic Cotton - produced without pesticides - healthy


- Full gusset protection - right to the back waist seam. 

Size Guide

Fits True to size - sizes Youth 10-16.