Pee-Proof LBL Underwear

Heavy absorbency underwear wicks away moisture from your body, so that you feel dry and comfortable. Hipster lace briefs and bikini cut which absorb 3-4 tsps (20ml) of fluid.

Our Super brief is a full brief cut, made of organic cotton that will protect you from leaks of up to 6-7 tsps (60ml).

The four layers provide odour and stain control, breathability, absorbtion, leak resistance, quick dry functionality and comfort. Full gusset to the back waist seam for overnight protection.

For sizes 6 to 22. You can customise your own bundle from the styles below and save up to 25% off or pick one of our 3, 5 or 7 pair ready made bundles (discounts built-in).

If you're on the fence, why not try a pair for 40 days and we will refund you if you're not completely satisfied with their performance.